Canon cartridges for inkjet printers and fax machines

Our extensive line of compatible remanufactured cartridges are dye based ink generic solutions, specially designed for use with Canon printers. These discounted remanufactured refills are manufactured in an ISO 9002 state of the art facility ensuring top performance. Genuine cartridges are also available for some printers.

For Laser Cartridges Click on the following Link: Canon laser toner cartridges
"Click" on your inkjet printer:   Select by Canon OEM cartridge number:
BJ-10 MP 360 BC-01
BJ-100 MP 370 BC-02
BJ-20 MP 390 BC-03
BJ-200   BC-05
BJ-30 MPC 190 BC-06
BJ-5 MPC 200 BC-20
BJC-1000 Series LR1 PrintStation BC-22e
BJC-150   BC-23
BJC-2000 Series Multifuction B190 BCI-10
BJC-210 Multifuction B200 BCI-11BK
BJC-2100 Series Multifuction B220 BCI-11C
BJC-210SP Multifuction B360 BCI-21B
BJC-240 Multifuction B600 BCI-21C
BJC-250 Multifuction B640 BCI-24B
BJC-255 MultiPass 1000 BCI-24C
BJC-255SP MultiPass 800 BCI-3eBK
BJC-265SP MultiPass C2500 BCI-3eC
BJC-3000 Series MultiPass C3000 BCI-3eM
BJC-4000 Series MultiPass C3500 BCI-3eY
BJC-4100 Series MultiPass C500 Series BCI-3PBK
BJC-4200 Series MultiPass C5000 BCI-3PC
BJC-4300 Series MultiPass C530 BCI-3PM
BJC-4400 Series MultiPass C545 BCI-6BK
BJC-4550 MultiPass C5500 BCI-6C
BJC-4650 MultiPass C555 BCI-6M
BJC-50 MultiPass C560 BCI-6Y
BJC-5000 MultiPass C600 Series BCI-6PC
BJC-5100 MultiPass C635 BCI-6PM
BJC-55 MultiPass C755 BJI-201HC
BJC-5500 MultiPass F20 BJI-201C
BJC-600 MultiPass F30 BJI-201M
BJC-6000 Series MultiPass F50 BJI-201Y
BJC-610 MultiPass F60 BX-03
BJC-620 MultiPass F80  
BJC-70 MultiPass MP700 For Laser and Copier Cartridges Click on the following Link:
BJC-80 MultiPass MP730 Canon Laser Cartridges
BJC-85 PIXMA MP750  
  PIXMA MP780  
C755 PIXMA IP1000  
  PIXMA IP1500  
FaxPhone B110 PIXMA IP2000  
FaxPhone B150 PIXMA IP3000  
FaxPhone B540 PIXMA IP4000  
FaxPhone B550 PIXMA IP4000R  
FaxPhone B60 PIXMA IP5000  
FaxPhone B640 PIXMA IP6000D  
FaxPhone B70 PIXMA IP8500  
FaxPhone B75    
i250 S200SP  
i255 S200SPx  
i320 S300  
i350 S330  
i450 S400  
i455 S450  
i470D S500  
i475D S520  
i550 S530D  
i560 Series S600  
i850 Series S630  
i860Series S750  
i950 S800  
i9100 S820  
  StarWriter 400  
  StarWriter 500  
  StarWriter 60  
  StarWriter 70  
  StarWriter 80  
  StarWriter 85  
  StarWriter 95  
  StarWriter Pro 5000  
   specializes in supplying the consumer with Canon discounted printer ink and laser toner cartridges. Our line of products includes generic and genuine replacements for Brother, Dell, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard ( HP ), Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Samsung, Star and Xerox compatible inkjet cartridges. We also give our customers the option of purchasing Genuine products when a generic toner cartridge is not desired. All of our products are low priced very competitively to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels without degrading quality or service.
Our remanufactured ink cartridges and compatible products are dye and toner based generic solutions, specially designed for use with Canon printers. These cheap inkjet cartridges and refills are an excellent alternative to expensive new genuine Canon cartridges. OEM discounted ink, ribbons, and laser toner is also available for some printers.
All generic products that we sell are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and may be returned for credit or exchanged for genuine products within 30 days of purchase.

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