Hp cartridges for inkjet printers and fax machines

Our compatible discounted cartridges are generic solutions, specially designed for use with Hp laser toner printers and fax machines. These compatible refills are manufactured in an ISO 9002 state of the art facility ensuring top performance. Genuine cartridges are also available for some printers.

For Laser Cartridges Click on the following Link: Hp laser toner cartridges
"Click" on your inkjet printer:   Select by Hp OEM cartridge number:
Color Copier 120 DeskWriter No. 10 or C4841, C4842, C4843, C4844 C4844
Color Copier 140 DeskWriter 310 No. 11 or C4810, C4811, C4812, C4813
Color Copier 145 DeskWriter 320 No. 11 or C4836, C4837, C4838
Color Copier 150 DeskWriter 400 No. 14 or C5010DN, C5011DN
Color Copier 155 DeskWriter 510 No. 15 or C6615D
Color Copier 160 DeskWriter 520 No. 16 or C1816A
Color Copier 170 DeskWriter 540 No. 17 or C6625A
Color Copier 210 DeskWriter 550C No. 19 or C6628AN
Color Copier 210LX DeskWriter 560C/J/K No. 20 or C6614D
Color Copier 260 DeskWriter 600 No. 23 or C1823A
Color Copier 270 DeskWriter 660C No. 25 or 51625A
Color Copier 280 DeskWriter 680C No. 26 or 51626A
Color Copier 290 DeskWriter 690C No. 27 or C8727AN
Color Inkjet cp1160 DeskWriter 694C No. 28 or C8728AN
Color Inkjet cp1700 DeskWriter C No. 29 or 51629A
CopyJet   No. 40 or 51640A
CopyJet M Digital Copier 180 No. 41 or 51641A
Copier cc800ps Digital Copier 190 No. 45 or 51645A
  Digital Copier 280 No. 49 or 51649A
Business Inkjet 2200 Digital Copier 290 No. 56 or C6656AN
Business Inkjet 2200SE Digital Copier 310 No. 57 or C6657AN
Business Inkjet 2200XI Digital Copier 610 No. 58 or C6658AN
Business Inkjet 2250   No. 59 or C9359AN
Business Inkjet 2250TN Fax 1220 No. 78 or C6578A or D
Business Inkjet 2600 Fax 1220xi No. 82 or C4911A, C4912A, C4913A
Business Inkjet 2600dn Fax 200 No. 92 or C9362WN
  Fax 300 No. 93 or C9361WN
  Fax 310 No. 94 or C8765WN
DesignJet 10ps Fax 700 No. 95 or C8766WN
DesignJet 20ps Fax 750 No. 96 or C8767WN
DesignJet 50ps Fax 900 No. 97 or C9363WN
DesignJet 200 Fax 910 No. 98 or C9364WN
DesignJet 220 Fax 920 No. 99 or C9369WN
DesignJet 230 Fax 950 No. 100 or C9368AN
DesignJet 250C  
DesignJet 330 HP 2000CN For Laser Cartridges Click on the following Link:
DesignJet 350C HP 2000Cse Hp laser toner cartridges
DesignJet 430 HP 2000Cxi  
DesignJet 450C HP 2500C  
DesignJet 455CA HP 2500C+  
DesignJet 488CA HP 2500CM  
DesignJet 500 HP 2500Cse  
DesignJet 500ps HP 2500Cxi  
DesignJet 50ps    
DesignJet 600 OfficeJet  
DesignJet 650C OfficeJet 2110  
DesignJet 650PS OfficeJet 300  
DesignJet 700 OfficeJet 330  
DesignJet 750Cplus OfficeJet 4110  
DesignJet 755CM OfficeJet 4110v  
DesignJet 800 OfficeJet 4110xi  
DesignJet 800ps OfficeJet 500  
DesignJet 815mfp OfficeJet 5110  
  OfficeJet 5110xi  
DeskJet OfficeJet 520  
DeskJet 1000Cse OfficeJet 5510  
DeskJet 1000Cxi OfficeJet 5510v  
DeskJet 1100Cse OfficeJet 5510xi  
DeskJet 1100Cxi OfficeJet 570  
DeskJet 1120C OfficeJet 580  
DeskJet 1120Cse OfficeJet 590  
DeskJet 1120Cxi OfficeJet 600  
DeskJet 1200C OfficeJet 610  
DeskJet 1220C-ps OfficeJet 6100  
DeskJet 1220Cse OfficeJet 6110  
DeskJet 1220Cxi OfficeJet 6110xi  
DeskJet 1600C OfficeJet 6122  
DeskJet 1600CM OfficeJet 6127  
DeskJet 1600CN OfficeJet 6210  
DeskJet 2200 OfficeJet 630  
DeskJet 2250 OfficeJet 635  
DeskJet 310 OfficeJet 700  
DeskJet 320 OfficeJet 710  
DeskJet 3320 OfficeJet 7100  
DeskJet 340 OfficeJet 7110  
DeskJet 340CB OfficeJet 7110xi  
DeskJet 340CM OfficeJet 7130  
DeskJet 3420 OfficeJet 7140xi  
DeskJet 3420v OfficeJet 720  
DeskJet 3425 OfficeJet 7210  
DeskJet 350C OfficeJet 7310  
DeskJet 350CBI OfficeJet 7410  
DeskJet 3650 OfficeJet d125  
DeskJet 400 Officejet d135  
DeskJet 400L Officejet d145  
DeskJet 420C Officejet d155  
DeskJet 450 OfficeJet g55  
DeskJet 450 OfficeJet g55xi  
DeskJet 450Cbi OfficeJet g85  
DeskJet 450Ci OfficeJet g85xi  
DeskJet 500 OfficeJet g95  
DeskJet 500C/Q OfficeJet K series  
DeskJet 505C/J/K OfficeJet LX  
DeskJet 510 OfficeJet Pro 1150  
DeskJet 5150 OfficeJet Pro 1170Cxi  
DeskJet 520 OfficeJet Pro 1175Cxi  
DeskJet 525Q OfficeJet R series  
DeskJet 540 OfficeJet T series  
DeskJet 550C OfficeJet V series  
DeskJet 5440    
DeskJet 5550 PhotoSmart 100  
DeskJet 5550v PhotoSmart 1000  
DeskJet 5550w PhotoSmart 1100xi  
DeskJet 560C/J/K PhotoSmart 1115  
DeskJet 5650 PhotoSmart 1200  
DeskJet 5740 PhotoSmart 1215  
DeskJet 5850 PhotoSmart 1215vm  
DeskJet 600 PhotoSmart 1218  
DeskJet 600 C/D/K PhotoSmart 1218xi  
DeskJet 600 Lotus PhotoSmart 130  
DeskJet 6100 series PhotoSmart 1300  
DeskJet 610C PhotoSmart 1315  
DeskJet 610CL PhotoSmart 145  
DeskJet 6110 PhotoSmart 145v  
DeskJet 6122 PhotoSmart 145xi  
DeskJet 6127 PhotoSmart 230  
DeskJet 612C PhotoSmart 245  
DeskJet 630C PhotoSmart 245v  
DeskJet 632C PhotoSmart 245xi  
DeskJet 640C PhotoSmart 325  
DeskJet 642C PhotoSmart 375  
DeskJet 648C PhotoSmart 7150  
DeskJet 6520 PhotoSmart 7150v  
DeskJet 6540 PhotoSmart 7260  
DeskJet 6840 PhotoSmart 7260v  
DeskJet 660 Lotus PhotoSmart 7350  
DeskJet 660C/D/K/J PhotoSmart 7350v  
DeskJet 660Cse PhotoSmart 7550  
DeskJet 670C PhotoSmart 7550v  
DeskJet 670TV PhotoSmart 7550w  
DeskJet 672C PhotoSmart 7660  
DeskJet 680C PhotoSmart 7660v  
DeskJet 682C PhotoSmart 7660w  
DeskJet 690C PhotoSmart 7760  
DeskJet 692C/K PhotoSmart 7760v  
DeskJet 693C PhotoSmart 7760w  
DeskJet 694C PhotoSmart 7850  
DeskJet 695C PhotoSmart 7960  
DeskJet 697C PhotoSmart 7960v  
DeskJet 710C PhotoSmart 7960w  
DeskJet 712C PhotoSmart 8150  
DeskJet 720C PhotoSmart 8450  
DeskJet 722C PhotoSmart P1000  
DeskJet 810C PhotoSmart P1100  
DeskJet 812C PhotoSmart P1100xi  
DeskJet 815C PhotoSmart P1215  
DeskJet 820C PhotoSmart P1215vm  
DeskJet 820Cse PhotoSmart P1218  
DeskJet 820Cxi PhotoSmart P1218xi  
DeskJet 830C    
DeskJet 832C Portable Printer 350C  
DeskJet 840C    
DeskJet 841C PSC 1210  
DeskJet 842C PSC 1210v  
DeskJet 845 PSC 1210xi  
DeskJet 845C PSC 1350  
DeskJet 850C PSC 1350v  
DeskJet 855C PSC 1350xi  
DeskJet 855Cse PSC 1507  
DeskJet 855Cxi PSC 1510  
DeskJet 870Cse PSC 2100  
DeskJet 870Cxi PSC 2110  
DeskJet 880C PSC 2110v  
DeskJet 882C PSC 2110xi  
DeskJet 890Cse PSC 2175  
DeskJet 890Cxi PSC 2175v  
DeskJet 895Cse PSC 2175xi  
DeskJet 895Cxi PSC 2200  
DeskJet 930C PSC 2210  
DeskJet 932C PSC 2210v  
DeskJet 935C PSC 2355  
DeskJet 940C PSC 2410  
DeskJet 950C PSC 2410v  
DeskJet 952C PSC 2410xi  
DeskJet 960Cse PSC 2510  
DeskJet 960Cxi PSC 2510xi  
DeskJet 9650 PSC 2610  
DeskJet 970Cse PSC 2710  
DeskJet 970Cxi PSC 370  
DeskJet 990Cse PSC 380  
DeskJet 990Cxi PSC 500  
DeskJet Plus PSC 500xi  
DeskJet Portable PSC 750  
  PSC 950  
Inkcartridgecity.com specializes in supplying the consumer with Hp discounted printer ink and laser toner cartridges. Our line of products includes generic and genuine replacements for Brother, Dell, Canon, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett Packard ( HP ), Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Samsung, Star and Xerox compatible inkjet cartridges. We also give our customers the option of purchasing Genuine products when a generic toner cartridge is not desired. All of our products are low priced very competitively to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels without degrading quality or service.
Our compatible and remanufactured Hp ink cartridges and compatible products are dye and toner based generic solutions, specially designed for use with Hp printers. These cheap inkjet cartridges and refills are an excellent alternative to expensive new genuine Hp cartridges. OEM discounted ink, ribbons, and laser toner is also available for some printers.
All generic products that we sell are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and may be returned for credit or exchanged for genuine products within 30 days of purchase.

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