Panasonic cartridges for laser printers and fax machines

Our compatible discounted ribbon cartridges are dye based generic solutions, specially designed for use with Panasonic laser toner printers and fax machines. These compatible refills are manufactured in an ISO 9002 state of the art facility ensuring top performance. Genuine Panasonic cartridges are also available for some printers.

The following cartridges are designed for use in dot matrix and laser printers, and fax machines.

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Thermal Fax Machine: Laser Toner Machine: Dot Matrix Machine: Select by Panasonic OEM Cartridge model:
KX-F1000 KX-P4410 KX-P1080 KX-FA53
KX-F1020 KX-P4430 KX-P1080i KX-FA55
KX-F1050 KX-P4440 KX-P1081 KX-FA65
KX-F1070 KX-P4450 KX-P1082 KX-FA93
KX-F1100 KX-P4450i KX-P1083 KX-FA94
KX-F1150 KX-P4451 KX-P1090 KX-FA132
KX-F1200 KX-P4455 KX-P1091 KX-FA133
KX-FB421 KX-P5410 KX-P1091i KX-FA135
KX-FHD331 Panafax UF-550 KX-P1092 KX-FA136
KX-FHD332 Panafax UF-560 KX-P1092i  
KX-FHD351 Panafax UF-585 KX-P1123 KX-P450
KX-FM205 Panafax UF-595 KX-P1124 KX-P453
KX-FM210 Panafax UF-744 KX-P1124i UG-3204
KX-FM220 Panafax UF-745 KX-P1140 UG-3309
KX-FM260 Panafax UF-750 KX-P1150 UG-3313
KX-FM280 Panafax UF-750D KX-P1170 UG-3350
KX-FP80 Panafax UF-755 KX-P1180  
KX-FP81 Panafax UF-755e KX-P1180i KX-P110i
KX-FP85 Panafax UF-766 KX-P1191 KX-P145
KX-FP101 Panafax UF-770 KX-P1524 KX-P150
KX-FP105 Panafax UF-788 KX-P1540 KX-P155
KX-FP106 Panafax UF-880 KX-P1592 KX-P160
KX-FP121   KX-P1595  
KX-FP195   KX-P1624  
KX-FP196   KX-P1654  
KX-FP200   KX-P1695  
KX-FP205   KX-P2023  
KX-FP250   KX-P2123  
KX-FP270   KX-P2124  
KX-FPC135   KX-P2130  
KX-FPC141   KX-P2135  
KX-FPC91   KX-P2150  
KX-FPC95   KX-P2180  
KX-FPC96   KX-P2624  
KX-FMC230   KX-P3123  
KX-FMC230D   KX-P3124  
    KX-P3624 specializes in supplying the consumer with Panasonic discounted printer ink ribbons and laser toner cartridges. Our extensive line of replacement products includes generic and genuine replacements for Brother, Dell, Canon, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett Packard ( HP ), Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Samsung, Star and Xerox compatible inkjet cartridges. We also give our customers the option of purchasing Genuine products when a generic toner cartridge is not desired. All of our products are priced very competitively to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels without degrading quality or service.
Our compatible and remanufactured Panasonic ribbon cartridges and compatible products are dye and toner based generic solutions, specially designed for use with Panasonic printers. These cheap inkjet cartridges and refills are an excellent alternative to expensive new genuine Panasonic cartridges. OEM discounted ink, ribbons, and laser toner is also available for some printers.
All generic products that we sell are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and may be returned for credit or exchanged for genuine products within 30 days of purchase.

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